Caribbean & dominica drone mapping

A top quality service by a veteran photographer

Take advantage of my European pro education, 40 years of photo video experience, constant self-improvement, quality gear, and more. That all affects final quality of drone mapping. Need a better map or 3-D model? I worked for top international clientele. I won't disappoint on your job either.


Pre-programmed, efficient drone flight pattern just for you
Drone Mapping - but fine photo & video also available
Flexibility of schedule, ability to travel
Top equipment available, including drones and software
2D maps,  3D models, ortho, GEO-tiff, more.
Expert post-production and file optimization
Low, Caribbean-based pricing, European quality
Promptness and speed of  European professional

How it works?

Drone mapping is a modern tool for architects, engineers, search and rescue, agriculture, resorts and more. Do safety inspections, topography analysis, terrain access checks, 3D models for architecture integration, crop inspections, attractive 2D maps for real estate, much more.

A drone map is made of hundreds of photographs using specialized gear and sophisticated software.

- Hire me locally or remotely from overseas to create a map set for you.

- I can work independently, or as a team with you in online contact.

- Expect timely delivery of fine quality material. Thanks to my own advanced technique, my maps are more detailed and sharper than most.

Drone mapping for you in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean, and abroad.

Sample Drone Map Images from Dominica


“I overlaid the original topographic map the architect originally did for the site with your drone survey and his was so bad I wouldn't use it as toilet paper. So glad we got you on board.”


Happy client, European designer-developer