Caribbean nature photography and video

A service for hire and stock library of best images

Take advantage of my European arts education, 40 years of photo video experience, constant self-improvement, quality gear, and more. My images can be seen in top magazines, my video work in top TV nature programs. I won't disappoint on your job either. Available in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean, and abroad.


Customized photo video shoots & ready images you need
Nature, Landscape, but also other genres available
Flexibility of schedule, ability to travel
Top equipment available, including drones
Various techniques including time lapse, macro, more.
Expert post-production and file optimization
Low, Caribbean-based pricing, European quality
Promptness and speed of  European professional

How it works?

- Select and order my stock photography. - Send special request for video or photo. - Hire me locally or remotely from overseas to photograph or film for you.

- I can work independently, or as a team with you in constant online contact.

- Expect timely delivery of fine quality material.

Services for publications, web developers, tourism agencies, film crews, broadcasters, photo consultancy, and more.
Filming and photographing for you in Dominica, Eastern Caribbean, and abroad.

Sample Nature Photos from Dominica


“You have outdone yourself... One word... transported... If there was one time I felt I needed a 60" TV to immerse myself into these magnificent Dominican water vistas... this was it...but even so, these divine beach landscapes can be enjoyed on any size screen.. and the music.. ooh.. so fittingly melodious by Zeonium.. thank you. Outstanding! Bless you for soothing some souls...”


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